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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

101, 1105 and Other Numbers 

1105 Media acquires 101communications

More details on the sale of 101communications, from BtoB, linked above.

Among the things I missed in my previous post: Neal Vitale's acquiring company is called 1105 Media, and the private equity backers include Alta Communications (in addition to Nautic.)

Good--and very smart--news: Jeff Klein "president-CEO of 101communications, will assume a strategic, nonoperational role as nonexecutive chairman." I hope that's a continuing gig--Jeff's a very smart publishing executive, and so is Neal Vitale. If they can both play well in the same sandbox, that speaks volumes about 101communications' future.

As I'm on vacation (currently in the vicinity of Nashville), I don't have much time to do a lot of research on all of this. But I did sniff around for more information on 1105--and there's not much to be found. The domain name for was registered by 101communications on March 23, but there's no website.

I bring this up because I received an email from an Andrew Austin, whom I don't know, with a email address. The email purports to announce the first add-on acquisition for 1105 Media. I present a slightly edited version of the email here (since it sounds legit, but I'm not certain of its veracity):

I am pleased to announce our first add-on acquisition, building on the platform of 101communications. 1105 Media, Inc., has acquired Dallas-based business-to-business publisher Stevens Publishing. Stevens is a leading provider of print and online information, in the fields of industrial health, safety, and compliance; security; environmental protection; wastewater management; and home healthcare.

Top products at Stevens include:

Occupational Health & Safety is the dominant magazine in its market, and is supported by print newsletters and electronic news products. This group is headed by Susan Stilwell, based in Chicago.

Security Products is the largest periodical serving the industrial security field, and the only one addressing both the installers and end users. Russell Lindsay leads this group, and splits his time between Dallas and Waco.

Environmental Protection and Water & Wastewater Products are well-positioned in these important and growing markets. Timm Dower is the head of this group and is officed in Tulsa.

Home Health Products, Mobility Management, and the soon-to-be-launched Respiratory Management are fast-growing publications in the expanding field of home healthcare. Karen Cavallo is based in Palm Springs and heads this division.

Stevens headquarters remains in Dallas. Greg Nystrom is the senior executive in that office. Editorial and sales management and staff are unaffected by the acquisition. Circulation, production, finance, administration, and accounting functions will be consolidated with 101 operations nationwide, as we continue to build a broader, stronger base for future growth.

This transaction provides an excellent opportunity to talk a bit about our vision for 1105. We are delighted to have acquired a strong company in 101, with an excellent operational and management team, and strong information products in their markets. The infusion of new capital, through our partners at Nautic and Alta, opens countless opportunities. Our plan for growth is straightforward:

Drive the existing portfolio to new heights of revenue and profitability.

Continue to lead and innovate in the online world.

Add properties - through acquisition and launch - that complement our existing businesses. This would include (cautious) international expansion.

Look to crossover opportunities across divisions - for example, build on the combination of 101's expertise in IT to further extend Security Products into data security.

Expand into attractive new markets through acquisitions

UPDATE: This second acquisition is confirmed, here.


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