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Friday, April 14, 2006

Conley Goes Medieval 

Improving your publication through murder

Paul Conley goes a bit medieval on Dark Ages-era "print guys" in his post, linked above, on a memo from the executive editor of the Miami Herald to his staff which redefines every job in the newsroom to include web responsibility.

Suggests Paul: "...I want you to print that memo. Then wrap it around a baseball bat. And then beat that [print] guy with the bat until he is, at long last, dead."

While I'm sure Paul wouldn't really condone murder as a management tool, I've met enough journalists (and publishers) who wilfully don't get it to worry that magazines won't be able to survive the wait for the retirements of these "print guys."

Given that I'm in Louisville right now, shepherding two children with brand new Louisville Slugger bats, perhaps I could lend Paul some assistance?


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