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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Here's to Entrepreneurs 

Here's a nice piece from the Eugene, Oregon Register-Guard on Glen Gibbons, who calls himself "the oldest surviving GPS journalist." Glen and his wife have launched Inside GNSS, using their own money, and a virtual work environment--both of which approaches are dear to my heart. Glen founded GPS World for then-Aster Publishing, and shepherded that magazine through its acquisition by Advanstar. It's now owned by Questex.

Key grab:

When Advanstar closed its Eugene office in 2003 and laid off most of the staff, Gibbons was one of 11 employees who were kept on and asked to work from their homes. Last June, Gibbons decided to start all over again and "rebrand my IP" - that is, his intellectual property - and start a new satellite navigation magazine. The magazine is family-owned, with more than $100,000 invested in it so far, he said.

There are few things harder than striking out on your own. It always seems easier (and safer) to draw a regular paycheck with benefits. But it's the entrepreneurs--the owners--who do so much of the innovation and wealth-creation in this world. They've burned their ships on the shore, and they're heavily invested in making a success out of what they do. They only get paid if they succeed.

While many companies have successfully built entrepreurial cultures, there's absolutely no substitute for the real thing. If you're feeling stale in your job, or unfulfilled, the best, and most dangerous, cure, is to hang out your own shingle.

Glen, you and your wife and partners have my utmost respect, and my best wishes for success.


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