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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Identifying Great Salespeople 

I was sorting through some old emails, when I came across this piece by Jeff Thule from Reed's Industrial Distribution on how to recognize a great salesperson.

Key grab:

The salesperson whose role once centered on polished presentations and glossy brochures (often self-serving propaganda) must now function as a valued and trusted advisor and be a source of competitive advantage. If they’re not, you will likely see your margins eroding as even your most complex products and services are treated as simple commodities.

Thule's list of "clues on how to spot great sales professionals":

1. They diagnose the customer’s problem.
2. They ask questions, rather than tell stories.
3. They let the customer set the pace.
4. They help the customer calculate the cost of their problem.
5. They don’t let the customer fall into the “creeping elegance” trap.

It's worth a read.


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