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Monday, July 17, 2006

Good News for Questex 

Questex acquires three tradeshows from Show Management

As BtoB reports, Questex has acquired three bolt-on trade shows for its Beauty Group.

I hope this is the beginning of more investment from Questex's owners. As you know, Questex was founded through the acquisition of a chunk of Advanstar's "non-core" properties. And while there are really good brands in there, a lot of Questex could be categorized as legacy products, which had been squeezed hard for results for years by Advanstar (and its predecessors).

Whether they could be squeezed still further to service debt load and investor expectations was something I seriously doubted. But if Questex's investors are willing to continue to invest, I think the company can find the kind of growth it needs--through more bolt-ons and through some expansion in markets served.


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