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Thursday, July 06, 2006

It's a Fair Cop 

Folio:'s Tony Silber takes Paul Conley and me to (gentle) task in the current issue of that fine magazine. In discussing magazine-oriented blogs, Tony notes:

And then there are Paul Conley and David Shaw. Both focus on b-to-b media and both are excellent bloggers, but they’re way too infrequent.

While I appreciate the compliment, I couldn't agree with Tony more on the frequency issue. My blogging has taken a back seat over the past few months to an onerous workload (which for my business has been a good thing), and while I've filed away a number of potential posts, I haven't found the time or will to discipline myself to get those posts up.

I've been thinking a lot about blogging of late, since both Paul and I, along with Martha Spizziri, will be on a panel at the upcoming ASBPE national conference, talking about blogging. And among the most crucial elements of successful blogging is frequency of posts.

As Tony notes: But to be relevant, blogs need to post every day, or close to it. They need to have substance—an attitude, serious news, wit, intelligence. Or something else.

Agreed. I'll try to do better.


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