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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Not Dead Yet! 

I had a call over the weekend from Paul Conley, my friend and fellow b2b blogger, who was checking in to see if I were still among the living, literally and figuratively. Evidently, I haven't posted to this blog in some time (er...August 15), and even more evidently, I haven't been the best correspondent, forgetting to reply to several email inquiries from readers of this blog wondering where I was (a new, overly aggressive spam filter is partially to blame for that!)

Folio's Tony Silber also weighed in on his magazine's fine new blog:

Meanwhile, a b-to-b blogger of significance, David Shaw, appears to have gone dark. His blog at B-Or-Not-to-B is gone after sitting dormant for a month and a half after a post about Penton Media in mid-August. I e-mailed David a while back, and there was no response. If he’s stopped blogging, he’ll be missed. David is one of the astute observers of this industry.

Ah, I'm blushing! Thanks for the kind words, Tony.

The problem I've faced is three-fold. First, my business is flourishing, and my partner Scott Chase and I have been running hard to keep on top of it. We're a small shop, obviously, and we tend to wear most of the hats. Managing growth is nearly as difficult as finding growth.

Second, one of our clients, for whom we do a variety of business development projects, has involved us in many interesting, but confidential, endeavors. I haven't felt comfortable posting about some topics because of our involvement with this particular client, but hope to share some lessons learned when I can and when I won't violate our client's confidence.

Third, I really haven't had all that much to say of late, and so therefore have kept my own counsel.

Oh well, all excuses, and not very good ones. But this blog is not dead yet (and neither, apparently, am I), and while I can't promise when and where I'll post, or on what, I will be posting.


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