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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Web Ethics 

Paul Conley has a series of posts on those annoying IntelliTXT ads (the ones that provide contextual advertising by linking key words within editorial to advertisers) and how they compromise editorial ethics on the web (and how one user of these ads--Ziff's eWeek--has been nominated for a Jesse Neal award).

From my recent cruise of the eWeek site, it looks as though Ziff has now eliminated most--if not all--of the IntelliTXT ads from its site. But interestingly, the site is still so junked up with ad links that Internet Explorer 7.0 flags many of the pages as potential scams, and warns that I should "proceed with caution." It's ironic that a web site devoted to eMedia earns scam ratings. I wonder if eWeek's advertisers like to be associated with that.

Paul has rapidly become the editorial and ethical conscience of our industry, and I applaud his efforts. And his results. Nice work, Paul.

Read his posts, below:


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