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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Emerging Muslim Magazine Market 

Our client Religion News Service, which is the only independent news wire covering the religion beat, has an interesting story on the emergence of Muslim-targeted magazines in the U.S.

A key observation, made by Muslim Girl editor-in-chief Ausma Khan: "One of the great untold stories here is that the American Muslim market is where the Hispanic market was five years ago, on the verge of major break-out, and there's enormous potential to market to this audience."

But of course, the realities of print publishing abound:

The magazines have something in common with many others in print: financial pressures.

"Like any magazine we've been on the brink of collapse several times in the last few years," said [Firas] Ahmad, the [senior editor of ]Islamica.... But Islamica's chances of surviving, he added, improved with the recent arrival of a publisher and a switch to a nonprofit model.


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