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Friday, February 22, 2008

Anton on B2B's Deadly Sins 

Hanley Wood's CEO, Frank Anton, outlined b2b media's 10 deadly sins during an address at the Folio: Publishing Summit:

Since I didn't have the opportunity to attend the Summit (but I will be at the Niche Magazine Conference next week with a client in Austin, Texas), I would have liked some more detail in Folio:'s own coverage of the speech. (UPDATE: See complete video of the speech, below). But basically, here are the sins:

"...underperformance, cowardice, technophobia, inferiority, complacency, coziness, stinginess, cluelessness, disorganization and dullness...."

All are certainly deadly sins in the best of times, and completely fatal during times of technological change and potential economic downturn.

Here's Frank's speech--definitely worth 30 minutes of your time:

For more on this, see this Folio: video of an interview with Frank. Toward the end, he make this point pretty explicitly:

By the way, nice work to Folio: on the video itself, and the easy link to the code so that I could post the video on this blog. And disclosure: My company proudly counts Hanley Wood as one of our most important clients, and I think Frank is a very smart guy, so I'm biased.


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