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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Keep Cookin, Sugar! 

How you can help the New Orleans-based Louisiana Cookin' Magazine keep cookin'

We gave to the Red Cross and to Habitat For Humanity. My children's school raised money at their back to School Night. The horse farm where my daughter rides organized donations of hay and veterinary supplies to Gulf Coast horse owners. All good stuff. But of course, not enough.

Rex Hammock and the fine folks at Hammock Publishing have come up with something to benefit a small Lousiana consumer and trade publisher which has been completely displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Hammock Publishing will help keep Lousiana Cookin' and Sugar Journal afloat, so to speak, and will have opportunities for the rest of us in the publishing biz to help out.

Initially, Rex requests that we subscribe to the RSS feed at, and subscriber to Lousiana Cookin' magazine. (Since my wife and I are lovers of N'awlins cooking--we have a lithograph of Chef Paul Prudhomme hanging in our kitchen--this one should be a pleasure!). Then he asks that you contact helpkeepcookin (at) if you'd like to volunteer some publishing support. Here are the kinds of things they'll be looking for.

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Google's Blog Search...hmm 

It's great to see Google join the blog search game.

But interestingly, even though I use Google's Blogger to create this blog, and even though you can find posts from this blog on Google itself, you can't find this blog on Google's Blog Search. You can only find some of the bloggers who have pointed here.

Of course, Google's Blog Search is still in beta, so I'm sure that it's just an oversight. They couldn't possibly be mad at me for posts like this and this, could they?

Nah, that would just be paranoia.

Anyway, you can use Google's Blog Search to find great b2b media posts from my friends Paul Conley, Hugo Martin, Paul Woodward, Rex Hammock, Sue, you get the picture.

I feel strangely left out.


Monday, September 12, 2005

Unconventional Wisdom 

Conde Nast's $100 Million Gamble

Interesting article from the New York Times, linked above, on Conde Nast's planned foray into glossy business magazine publishing. What strike me most is how this move is seen as flying in the face of convention wisdom: the consumer business magazine ad market is suffering, the monthly frequency is seen as a weakness, business journalism isn't a core strength at Conde Nast.

Perhaps we need more such unconventional wisdom--especially if it's backed up with patient investment, and led by former New Yorker publisher David Carey (wasn't the conventional wisdom that Conde Nast made a bad investment with that magazine?) and the Wall Street Journal's Joanne Lippman.

Grab: "Actually, I'm surprised somebody didn't see the opportunity sooner," said [Steve] Forbes, [president and CEO of Forbes]. "Even though the category has taken a tough hit, it still leads in pages and appeals to an affluent, influential group of people. I think the question then becomes, Why wouldn't you want to participate in that if you are a major publishing company?" (Note the tidbit in the article about acquisition discussions between the Newhouse's and the Forbes'.]

At any rate, the energy and pizazz that the Conde Nasters will bring to the consumer business publishing market can't help but sustain some buzz for us in the b2b trenches--much in the same way Wired short circuited conventional thinking among technology trades.

Small disclosure: One of our clients is owned by the same parent company as Conde Nast, but the relationship is distant.

Via IWantMedia.


Speaking of the M&A Boom... 

Last week, my friend Paul Conley posted a summary of the current state of play in the current b2b M&A boom. I agree with his concerns.

I'd add to his list that the slimmed-down Advanstar is still potentially for sale.

And I'd guess that CMP is probably taking a hard look at 101communications.

UPDATE: From BtoBonline, news that Wolters Kluwer Health acquired the assets of Boucher Communications, a business media company serving the optometry, optician and ophthalmology fields.


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