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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Kudos to min Magazine 

The latest edition of min Magazine hit my mailbox last week, and I've now had a chance to read the whole thing. (If you didn't get a copy, it's available in three .pdf formatted chunks here, here and here.)

The min team has done another stellar job with this annual magazine (which I helped create about seven years ago, and which offers me the opportunity to provide disclosure and braggadocio in one fell swoop). And even though it's a little light on b2b coverage, there's enough in there (including a nicely written profile of Hanley-Wood's Frank Anton) to offer some business-to-business sustenance.

min Magazine was created to extend the min brand, but also to celebrate magazines and magazine people, in a magazine format. I think it accomplishes both goals well.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Market Comments on Primedia 

PRM: Basic Chart for PRIMEDIA INC - Yahoo! Finance

Primedia's investors have weighed in on the news that Primedia will split itself into two, and that Kelly Conlin is out as CEO. The stock is down 35% as of around 2pm EST today.

Now that's what I call unlocking shareholder value.

Watch out, VNU. KKR has its eyes on you, as well. (Tip o' the hat to Rex Hammock for the link. See his comments on Primedia here.

UPDATE (10/26/05): Deutsche Securities has upgraded Primedia from Hold to Buy, and the stock is up a bit.


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