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Friday, January 27, 2006

Here Come the Neals 

ABM's Jesse H. Neal award nominations have been announced. You can see the complete list here.

A couple of quick shoutouts. First, to Rex Hammock and the team at Hammock Publishing, whose MyBusiness Magazine earned a nomination for best department. Rex, as you know, is the godfather of b2b blogging in his spare time.

And then to Claire Conroy and her team at residential architect, for their nomination for best single theme or special issue. We had the pleasure of working with Claire, and a number of other Hanley Wood executives, on a new project.

And another shoutout to perennial nominee Heavy Duty Trucking, which continually proves that subject matter is no barrier to great journalism--well-reported and beautifully written--and should never be such a barrier.

And a shoutout to CMO magazine, which earned two nominations. May it rest in peace.

And finally, a shoutout to all of the nominees, and all of my colleagues in b2b media, who work hard and serve their markets with exceptional clarity, professionalism and commitment. Yes, there are a number of ethics issues that we still need to grapple with, but I believe editorial excellence trumps ethics (or maybe more precisely, makes issues of ethics essentially moot). Why is it that the strongest magazines, editorially, and the strongest editors seem to have the fewest issues with church/state divisions, at least in my perception? I think there's a relationship there that we all ought to explore.


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