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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Your Breaking B2B News Blog 

I don't expect to break news on this blog, but need to pat myself on the back. Last week, while cruising with the family through the great states of Tennessee and Kentucky, I blogged about the acquisition of Stevens Publishing by Neal Vitale's 1105 Media, thanks to an email tip (I don't do any actual reporting).

My post appeared on April 11, and was entirely speculative, based on an email I received. If I weren't so lazy, I could have posted on April 10.

In going through my email this week, I noticed that:

The press release went out on April 12.

Rafat picked it up on April 13.

As did BtoB.

And Folio: (with some insightful analysis, and a stab at a probable sales price).

So there you go, loyal readers of B or not 2B: A couple of day information advantage.

It probably won't happen again!

Note: min's b2b answers the crucial question: what does 1105 Media mean?

Vitale...chose the name 1105 as the translation of the Roman numeral equivalent of his daughter's initials (Marissa Claire Vitale).

No live link to the story is available, but you can subscribe to min's b2b here.


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