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Friday, November 17, 2006

Silber on Show Dailies, Etc. 

If you're like me, and have been reading Folio: since the days of Joe Hanson, you know that the magazine has had its ups and downs. For the past few years, there have been far more ups than downs, mainly due to Tony Silber and the fine team he's assembled.

I was thinking about this after I read Tony's fine blog post with his Observations from ABM Top Management (Meeting). Tony hits on at least two important points.

The first is his excellent definition of what makes a good show daily. I completely agree , and think that show dailies covering any b2b market could be made better by following Tony's lead:

My view of show dailies is pretty emphatic: They need to NOT be about the sessions and speakers that everyone sees and hears anyway. They need to be about the buzz. They need to be conversations starters. As in, “Can you believe the management team at Penton is getting $12.5 million?” Or, “Did you hear VNU may be changing its name?” Etc. This is the lifeblood of a good daily in this space—Peter Craig called our daily a “rag,” but he’s wrong.

(also note the two great stories Tony mentions in passing. Anyone for Nielsen Business Media?)

The second is his great capture of perhaps the best untold story of late in b2b media:

The world of b-to-b publishing is awash with easy money, which is helping to fuel all the M&A activity over the last year or so...What the heck, rates are at historic lows, and lenders are willing too extend far out on the limb, providing much of the leverage for private-equity buyers. But some lenders are talking now about excess, about the climate not being sustainable. Once one or two loans default, they say, watch out.

Watch out indeed!


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Penton's Q3/EMAP cites UK B2B Weakness 

Penton has reported reasonably strong Q3 results. While revenues and EBITDA were down, most of this is due to a one month timing shift in the $7.7 million Natural Products Expo, which moves to the fourth quarter. Adjusting for this, year-to-date revenues are up $5.5 million, or 4%.

Penton's growth is being fueled by event revenues (adjusted for timing and cancelled events, these are up 8.1%) and online revnues (up 30.4% to $17.1 million for the first nine months, or 11.8% of overall revenues). Publishing is down .4%.

Euro publishing giant EMAP reports that first half revenues are down, due primarily to weaknesses in its UK consumer (off 4%) and b2b magazine (off 5%) revenues.


Emap said the three-month outlook for advertising markets in its UK consumer magazine and business-to-business magazines is 'weak'.


Monday, November 13, 2006

Some Blogs of Note 

I've been remiss in updating my blog links, so here are a few I've been following.

The first is Folio:'s new blog, which you can find here. The fine folks at Folio: are doing a good job with this new-fangled blogging thing, but I have to say that the interface is a little difficult to work with (for example, it's hard to generally link to their blog, and there's no RSS feed of the posts). Regardless, check out what they're talking about.

The second is a new blog from Dan Meehan at Momentum Publishing Partners. I hestitate to link to new blogs, since it's pretty easy to launch one, and then not update it regularly. But I like what Dan has to say, and want to encourage him to say more.

Finally, I point again to the ASBPE Boston blog, run by my friend Martha Spizziri. She recently revamped the look of the blog--it's nice and clean, and the content remains superb.


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