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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Seven Year Itch 

This post is a little self-congratulatory and self-promotional, but...

Our company, GRID Media, is coming up on its seventh anniversary (Valentine's Day, for those of you keeping score). I've blogged a bit in the past about what we do, but suffice it to say that we offer "publisher in a box" (or "trade show manager in a box" or "emedia development in a box," etc.) solutions for our b2b media clients.

2006 was our best year yet, in terms of revenues, and in terms of accomplishment on behalf of our clients. And my partner Scott Chase and I trust that 2007 will be as good or better.

So I thought I'd belatedly post about some of the changes that have gone on in our team. We've been growing our capabilities through the addition of some fine publishing and media pros. Nancy Maynard, who worked with Scott and me at Phillips Business Information (now Access Intelligence), came aboard last year to build our advertising sales force, and she's doing a fine job for our client Directors & Boards--which incidentally set all time records for revenues and profits in 2006, 30 years after its founding.

And more recently, my old friend Kevin Condon has hung his shingle with us. Kevin and I met back in our Advanstar days, when he ran operations and I was running the west coast publishing group. Kevin's one of the most experienced b2b media pros I know, and his background and expertise will be a definite plus for our clients.

Our senior advisor, Denis Cambruzzi, who is the single best sales and marketing executive I know, has also been very busy. Over the past year, he participated in several major projects for Hanley Wood, one of our key clients, and is now embarking on a major new gig with Nielsen Business Media (the soon-to-be former VNU Business Media). He'll continue to provide sage advice to our GRID team.

Seven years is a lifetime for a small business like ours. But they've been seven really good years. So, thanks to all of my partners, and to our virtual teammates, and to our clients. And also, a thanks to you, dear blog readers, for your patience with my intermittent posting, and for your cogent comments and insights.


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