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Monday, February 26, 2007

What, Only 51? 

The folks at Good Magazine (which I'd never heard of before) have selected the 51 best magazines ever. Like all lists of "best evers," the selection is endlessly debatable, and that's really the point.

But as I looked through their selections, I was heartened by the variety represented, and the "feel" of each magazine. That's really the power of our medium--of the magazine form (regardless of whether we print it, post it online or use complex smoke signals).

In the intro to the piece, Graydon Carter writes:

Magazines—or, rather, certain magazines—aren’t going away anytime soon. They have survived radio, movies, and television. And they have, so far, not perished at the altar of the internet. It will take something not known of today to replace the power of the combination of words and image when, as I have just said, they are aligned by the right hands. Magazines that tell stories in type and pictures will survive the coming electronic revolutions. Magazines that merely deliver information will have to either become stronger and more vital, or drown in the turbulent wakes of change.

Amen to that.

Note: I like what I see on the Good magazine website ("media for people who give a damn.") They evidently give away 100% of the subscription fee to a selection of causes.

Via MediaBistro and Rex Hammock.


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