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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Print to Online: The Magazine Graveyard?'s Staci Kramer covers the move of Hachette Filipacchi's Premiere from print to online only, and sums it up with a great line: "dropping print for online only is the new brown."

(I'm assuming brown is somehow 'in' these days, and that UPS is now fashion forward.)

Staci continues: "In the past, magazines just disappeared; now they hang around as bits and bytes. What remains to be seen is how many of these online-only titles will be around in a year and whether they will be advertising shells or real magazines online."

I like her distinction between advertising shells and "real" magazines online. As you know, I think that the idea of magazines transcends whatever format (print, online) they happen to inhabit.

However, moves to online-only that are driven by the corporate spreadsheet approach to publishing are only just short delaying steps on the road to the magazine graveyard. Reminds me of the "Bring Out Your Dead" scene in Monty Python and The Holy Grail.


Monday, March 05, 2007

"Impressive operator" David Levin 

There's an interesting profile of United Business Media's David Levin in the Sunday Times (London).

UBM's recent results--revenues up 16.6% and profits from continuing operations up 17.6%--make it "regularly cited as one of the most impressive operators in the quoted media sector."

Key grabs:

What he is putting together, he says, is a variety of ways for his customers (advertisers) to reach their audience (readers) — through magazines and websites, through linked events and conferences, through data bases and search engines that readers will want to use, all in targeted, niche sectors.


“I think the lessons are universal. The big lessons here are how broad-band is changing the way people use media, and how important face-to-face is. In the virtual world, the value of face-to-face goes up, not down.”

While Levin's approach, which emphasizes making the majority of profits from events and exhibitions, isn't anything new, the profile is worth a read.


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