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Friday, April 13, 2007

Print Makes You More Real 

My friend Russell Perkins of Infocommerce Group has an interesting post on the movement of some online-only media businesses into the print publication world.

I've been thinking a lot about Russell's observation that

...print "makes you more real." Think about it. Anyone can create a website cheaply and easily, but few can afford to publish a print magazine. It speaks to commitment, substance, authority and influence on the part of the publisher. Advertisers say basically the same thing. The print medium lets them be more creative and deliver more complex messages. Just as importantly, a full-page print ad lets an advertiser stand out from the crowd, and demonstrate substance and commitment that's a lot harder in the pay-per-click online world. In short, print lets both publishers and advertisers make a real statement. And generate real business, which in turn generates real profits. And that's real good.

Of course, b2b print revenues have now been surpassed by event revenues, at least in 2006, but what the hey.


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